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Rune Mossige Rune.Mossige at
Wed Dec 8 11:55:25 GMT 1999

I have discovered a slight problem with MS-Project4 on a WinDD server,
where users are not able to update the *.MPP file.

WinDD is Citrix Metaframe on Windows NT 3.51.

We have all data files stored on a UNIX box, using samba-2.05a, so all
*.MPP files are stored there, with the proper UNIX user's userid and

The problem is that userB can not update and save changes in a file that
userA have created. When userB try to save the file, he gets a message

'An error was encountered writing the file' and then get the normal
'Retry', 'Cancel' and 'Help' boxes.

If I then, as root, do a 'chown userB file', then userB can save the file
just fine....Pressing 'Help' just give the usual incorect explanation:
'You are attempting to save a file on a disk that is full'.....

This only happen when using WinProj4, all other MS-apps appear to work
just fine (office97, visio, psp etc).

I think I have seen a reference to this error before, but I could not
locate it on any of the samba list archives.

Does anyone have any suggestions of what might be wrong, or where I can
search for a solution/workaround?

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