Samba 2.0.5a vs 2.0.6 and password changing

Alan Hourihane Alan.Hourihane at
Wed Dec 8 11:44:32 GMT 1999


I wonder if someone can shed some light onto
a password changing problem I'm having with 2.0.6.

I have a script that is launched using the 'unix sync'
procedure which all worked fine in 2.0.5a which using
a script like this.

echo "Enter old password:"

I've only listed the first two lines as this is where it's
getting stuck.

In 2.0.5a this works. In 2.0.6 - samba just stops for
a few seconds and must reach some sort of timeout
and abort.

Is there anything that changed to affect this ?

And what could I do about it ?



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