rookie - mount nt share from Solaris 2.6?

Joel Riedesel mail21193 at
Wed Dec 8 02:03:13 GMT 1999

I believe I know the answer, but I'd like to be
certain, since I keep seeing references to things like
smbmount and smbfs...

Is it possible to mount an NT (4.0sp3) share onto a
Solaris 2.6/Sparc?  I just grabbed Samba 2.0.6.

I suspect not (I don't see any smbmount or smbfs in my samba/bin

Will this ever be a possibility?  If so, when?

And, are there any other options for doing something
equivalent (I've played around with a few different nfs solutions
for NT a while back and they were all a fair bit flakey
in this regard).

(Adding a 20GB disk to an NT box is simply so much cheaper
than a relatively equivalent 20GB scsi disk to the Solaris box...)



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