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Kirk Reiser kirk at
Tue Dec 7 23:35:03 GMT 1999

Hi Folks:  I just upgraded a samba server from 2.0.5a to 2.0.6 and all
of a sudden I am getting invalid parameter errors on the windows-9x
boes when they try to logon to the server.  Does anyone have any idea
what might be going on?  Samba is running on a linux 2.2.12 box and
connecting to 95 and 98 boxes.  It just stopped working when I
upgraded.  I have tried commenting out domainlogon and the net logon
share with no difference in result.  I also tried using a valid users
line just for grins but also no affect.

I certainly would appreciate any help or suggestions people might
have.  It's been driving me crazy!



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