group policies under win98

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Sun Dec 5 16:56:00 GMT 1999

I already had that installed and it still doesn't work.  Does anyone else
have any ideas on how to fix my problem??

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> > I am having a problem setting up group policies under windows 98.
>  I
> > think I
> > have successfully set them up, it just that when a user logs in, it
> > doesn't
> > seem to know that a user is part of that group...  I know that the
> > config.pol file is being downloaded from the server, because I'll
> > make
> > changes to the default user and the changes will take effect.  I
> > even tried
> > deletelying the default user and it still says that it logged in
> > with
> > privlege USER.  I have searched all through the logs and have found
> > other
> > people who have had this similiar problem, but I could not find an
> > explanation/solution to this problem.  Any help would be greatly
> > appreciated.  I am also sending my smb.conf and group file.
> >  Everything
> > seems to work except for the policies.
> Is the group policy capabillity instaled on each user's computer ?
> Note, that's it is not a part of default instalation. Maybe following
> will help you (taken from Windows 98 Resource kit - part System
> Policies, Using System Policy editor) :
> If you want to use group policies, you must install that capability
> on each computer running Windows 98 by either using a custom setup
> script when you install Windows 98 or using the Add/Remove Programs
> option in Control Panel.
>  To set up capabilities for group policies using Add/Remove Programs
> In Control Panel, double-click Add/Remove Programs, click the Windows
> Setup tab, and then click Have Disk.
> In the Install From Disk dialog box, click Browse and specify the
> Netadmin\Poledit directory on the Microsoft Windows 98 Resource Kit
> compact disc.
> Click OK, and then click OK again in response to the dialog boxes.
> In the Have Disk dialog box, select the Group Policies check box, and
> then click Install.
> Windows 98 Setup places Grouppol.dll in the Windows System directory
> on the client computer and makes the required registry changes.
> For more information about adding the ability to use group policies
> when installing Windows 98 using custom setup scripts, see Chapter 4,
> ?Automated Installations. <wrkc04.htm>?
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