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Matej Ondrusek matej at
Sun Dec 5 16:31:52 GMT 1999

> I am having a problem setting up group policies under windows 98. 
> think I
> have successfully set them up, it just that when a user logs in, it
> doesn't
> seem to know that a user is part of that group...  I know that the
> config.pol file is being downloaded from the server, because I'll
> make
> changes to the default user and the changes will take effect.  I
> even tried
> deletelying the default user and it still says that it logged in
> with
> privlege USER.  I have searched all through the logs and have found
> other
> people who have had this similiar problem, but I could not find an
> explanation/solution to this problem.  Any help would be greatly
> appreciated.  I am also sending my smb.conf and group file.
>  Everything
> seems to work except for the policies.

Is the group policy capabillity instaled on each user's computer ? 
Note, that's it is not a part of default instalation. Maybe following 
will help you (taken from Windows 98 Resource kit - part System 
Policies, Using System Policy editor) :

If you want to use group policies, you must install that capability 
on each computer running Windows 98 by either using a custom setup 
script when you install Windows 98 or using the Add/Remove Programs 
option in Control Panel.
 To set up capabilities for group policies using Add/Remove Programs
In Control Panel, double-click Add/Remove Programs, click the Windows 
Setup tab, and then click Have Disk.
In the Install From Disk dialog box, click Browse and specify the 
Netadmin\Poledit directory on the Microsoft Windows 98 Resource Kit 
compact disc.
Click OK, and then click OK again in response to the dialog boxes.
In the Have Disk dialog box, select the Group Policies check box, and 
then click Install.
Windows 98 Setup places Grouppol.dll in the Windows System directory 
on the client computer and makes the required registry changes.
For more information about adding the ability to use group policies 
when installing Windows 98 using custom setup scripts, see Chapter 4, 
?Automated Installations. <wrkc04.htm>?

Have a nice day,

Matej Ondrusek
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