Samba newbie question

Urban Widmark urban at
Sat Dec 4 11:06:24 GMT 1999

On Sat, 4 Dec 1999, Subba Rao wrote:

> The goal for me is to use the NT systems local printer, CD-R and
> scanner devices. The SMB documents talk a lot about the Client and
> Server. The source I have downloaded will create a smbd and nmbd.

smbd and nmbd are servers running on your machine. smbd makes the machine
be a server in the smb network. nmbd handles name lookup system.

The sources will also compile client programs. smbclient for accessing
shares, nmblookup for sending wins queries (name -> ip)

> 1. Do I need anything running on the NT?

You need to "share" the resources you want to access remotely (obviously),
and that means having the right "service" (?) installed in the network cfg
on the NT (I think). But assuming the NT already does that you do not have
to run anything special.

> 2. Do I need any special options in the kernel compile to be turned on?

What OS?

If you are on linux you may want to use smbfs to get filesystem access to
the cd and other filesystems on the NT. This needs to be enabled in the
kernel if you do not already have it.

You can also use smbclient for this and then you don't have to do anything
special. smbclient also handles printing and before you start fiddling
with smbfs you want to be sure that you can access the server with

You can also have a look at smbsh.

Scanners I don't know about.


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