WIN 2K and Samba 2.0.5a

William Jojo jojowil at
Fri Dec 3 14:08:03 GMT 1999

Thanks so much for the reply. It clears up a great deal for me. I've used the
CVS code before, but since we're production with 4600 student accounts and 600
workstations, I can't in good conscience use "prealpha" code in our student

Perhaps you or others on the team could give us some indication of when the PDC
code - currently prealpha - will be made a production unit.

I liked what I used a year ago from the CVS tree, but again I can't ask our
institution to go there.

Any insight would be very appreciated.



Luke Leighton wrote:
> hi william,
> chances of getting 2.0.x as a pdc to win2k workstations: zero.  in fact,
> negative, because i am going to kick up a stink if anyone says, "hey i
> just ported the samba 2.1prealpha code that gets win2k to join a domain,
> here's the patch!".
> almost a year ago i actually removed all the nt PDC code from 2.0.x, and
> it was put back in.
> i did not, and i do not want to see samba 2.0.x as a PDC, ever.  the MSRPC
> code base is now well over a year old, and it was only set up
> experimentally, _anyway_.
> if you want a PDC that works with nt5, use the latest cvs code.  you will
> find that all sorts of other things work, too.  microsoft has made their
> MSRPC code SEVERELY more robust than nt4 MSRPC code, and as samba is a
> network-reverse-engineering project, we can only work from existing netmon
> traces.  the new versions of nt5 show us new things about the MSRPC
> services, and i do NOT want to see those back-ported to samba 2.0.x.
> time to move on.  the split for 2.0.x and 2.1prealpha was well over a year
> ago, and that's way, way too long.
> luke.


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