Samba problems after intalling ncpfs

THB Samara branch thbsamara at
Fri Dec 3 14:04:54 GMT 1999


My problem is that Samba doesn't work after installing ncfs.
I have Samba 1.9.18p10 and ncpfs 2.0.10.
I've succesfully installed ncpfs. After that I check it by "slist"
and get my Novell server. I mount Novell volume by ncpmount - all ok.

But after that my Samba doesn't work. I can see Samba/Linux box
in Network neibourhood with correct title "Linux Samba server" but
coudn't log in. Win98 says that this host unreachable.
I have kernel 2.0.35 and wasn't any need to recompile. I've just
untar ncpfs-2.0.10.tgz then run "make" then "make install". Ok, no any
errors. After that enable ncpfs support in rc.modules ...

Any help appreciated

Danila Vologdin

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