Running samba in a multi-subnetted environment

Jochen Dolze dolze at
Thu Dec 2 23:41:27 GMT 1999


i have a serious problem, i run samba on a master router with three
subnets. It looks like:

         +-- eth0 10.10.5.x (Workstations)|
  Router +-- eth1 10.10.6.x (Server with NT-PDC)
  smbd   |
  nmbd   +-- eth2 10.10.7.x

The workstations should browse all pc's on all subnets and log in to the
DOMAIN with the help of the NT-PDC. On the router itself i need *no*
shares etc...

I use security=server and the NT-PDC as password server. All
WinClients "cannot find [the] primary domain controller". Why? - I can
access the shares of the NT-PDC without problem!!

I read all documentation, but found nothing what helped me in this case!

Playing around with "local master" and "os level" and "domain master"
haven't changed much things.

Must the entry password server be an IP address or an NETBIOS name???

Has anybody details/hints setting up nmbd/smbd with an PDC outside the

Workstation logins should walk from 10.10.5.x over to
(the PDC)... 



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