Using the Connect as: field in NT fails to authenticate

Duane J. Ryan duane.ryan at
Thu Dec 2 23:03:54 GMT 1999

I am using samba 2.06 on aix432 with domain level authentication and it's
working great. However, when I want to connect to a share as a user other
than the user that I logged into the domain with - using the Connect as:
Password: fields in NT4.0, the authentication fails. Has anyone been able to
make this work, without a workaround like using the 'net use' command? I
should in theory be able to browse the share, double-click it which will pop
up a ConnectAs/Password window, type in any userid that exists in that
domain along with the password and be allowed access to the share. Thanks
for any help you can provide me with,

Duane Ryan
Midrange Server Infrastructure
duane.ryan at

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