WIN 2K and Samba 2.0.5a

Luke Leighton lkcl at
Thu Dec 2 22:28:11 GMT 1999

hi william,

chances of getting 2.0.x as a pdc to win2k workstations: zero.  in fact,
negative, because i am going to kick up a stink if anyone says, "hey i
just ported the samba 2.1prealpha code that gets win2k to join a domain,
here's the patch!".

almost a year ago i actually removed all the nt PDC code from 2.0.x, and
it was put back in.

i did not, and i do not want to see samba 2.0.x as a PDC, ever.  the MSRPC
code base is now well over a year old, and it was only set up
experimentally, _anyway_.

if you want a PDC that works with nt5, use the latest cvs code.  you will
find that all sorts of other things work, too.  microsoft has made their
MSRPC code SEVERELY more robust than nt4 MSRPC code, and as samba is a
network-reverse-engineering project, we can only work from existing netmon
traces.  the new versions of nt5 show us new things about the MSRPC
services, and i do NOT want to see those back-ported to samba 2.0.x.

time to move on.  the split for 2.0.x and 2.1prealpha was well over a year
ago, and that's way, way too long.


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