umount not working on Solaris 7 for SAMBA shared filesystems

Thomas G. Tri ttri at
Thu Dec 2 20:23:08 GMT 1999

We are running Samba 2.0.2 on a Sun Ultra2 running Solaris 7.

When trying to do a umount on a SAMBA shared partition (e.g. umount 
/photo01), the OS returns
umount: /photo01 device busy.

made sure that no processes were active on the filesystem
fuser -c /photo01 shows no processes
did fuser -ck /photo01 to be sure.

After doing fuser, did a smbstatus, which showed several users connected to 
the filesystem.  Had them disconnect from their end (NTSP5).

tried umount again with same result.

Did fuser -ck again.

tried umount again with same result.

I have a current service order active with Sun but to date they have been 
no help.  Anyone have any ideas?


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