Locking with samba

Jorit Dorn Jorit.Dorn at redhat.de
Thu Dec 2 18:14:00 GMT 1999

I'm pretty new with samba. For one installation I found a problem I can
not solve.

The problem: 

after opening a file there are no locks set (DENY_NONE). 

the Programm sets a lock (VB 6)

the lock ist recognized by Novell 3.11, NT Server or on a local disk but
samba 2.05a does not set the lock and  another programm is able to write
in the same file

1. is this a bug in samba?
2. how can I do a workaround? (e.g. other locking mechanism that locks
every opened file -> paranoia mode:-)
3. how to do it right

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