Great News/funding a developer

Justin Chapweske justin at
Wed Dec 1 19:02:34 GMT 1999

Sorry for the cross post, but I thought that this may be of interest to
both groups.  I work for Cyrus Intersoft, a smallish startup that is
working primarily on software for app distribution and providing an
enhanced Java runtime that acts as both a mobile desktop in Java and
transparently adds significant functionality to Java programs.  This
transparent functionality is currently the ability to run multiple apps
in a single VM, pluggable file systems, and tons of stuff to deal with
transparent distribution and installation.

Cyrus has a number of people who are strong advocates of OS and we have
gotten the ok to hire a developer to work primarily on the open source
jCIFS project.  All work would continue completely in the open just as
it has been, but with just a little more help and dedication.  This is
mostly targeted at current jCIFS developers who would like to work more
on jCIFS but simply don't have the time because of school/work/etc.  But
I thought I'd throw this out to the general samba list to see if there
were any smart cookies out there looking for some fulltime samba work.

Anyway, email me if you have any questions.  Cyrus is an upfront,
no-bullshit company so if you have any questions about the technology or
the business model, just let me know.

-Justin Chapweske, Cyrus Intersoft

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