Usin CVS pserver with SAMBA

Seth van Buren seth.vanburen at
Wed Dec 1 05:54:38 GMT 1999

I have got SAMBA up and running and contains the password authetication
stuff on NT (i.e. the passwords are on NT) for use when loggining into the
Unix box (i.e. to log into unix, the password is verified against the NT

I have recently installed CVS 1.10.7 on the UNIX box.  I wish to use the CVS
pserver authentication using the SAMBA password stored on NT, however the
pserver stuff seems to only works with locally stored passwords on the unix
box, not the SAMBA ones on NT.  IS there a way I can use the SAMBA passwords
on the NT box, to login to CVS on the UNIX box.

I hope you understand what I mean.  I'm sure you guys have a configuration
like this somewhere.

Thanks in advance


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