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Kari Ruohonen kari.ruohonen at
Tue Aug 31 16:45:26 GMT 1999

I have installed Samba 1.9.18p10 (comes with Debian 2.1 disrtibution) on a LAN consisting of one Linux box (server) and two Windows clients (95 and 98). I can see and use shares on my Linux box but when I am trying to share something on the Windows clients I am asked to add users to give permissions. However, the Windows client cannot find name list of the users. It says something like "You cannot view the name list at this time, try again later". It never works.

Am I missing some configuration file? I have added smbpaswd file to Linux box and I have same user accounts on all machines,

My smb.conf is as follows

workgroup = WORKGROUP

security = user

domain master = yes

domain logons = yes

lm announce = yes

encrypt passwords = yes

smb passwd file = /etc/smbpasswd

wins support = no

wins proxy = yes

printing = bsd

printcap name = /etc/printcap

load printers = yes


comment = All printers

path = /var/spool/lpd/hpdj

browseable = no

printable = yes

public = yes

writable = no

create mode = 0700


path = /var/spool/lpd/hpdj

printer name = lp

writable = yes

public = yes

printable = yes

print command = lpr -r -h -P %p %s


comment = Kotihakemistot

browseable = no

read only = no

preserve case = yes

short preserve case = yes

create mode = 750

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