Solaris 7 and Samba startup

Chris Douty Chris_Douty at
Tue Aug 31 17:22:31 GMT 1999

Richard L Johnson wrote:
> I am running Samba 2.0.4 and Solaris 7 on an Ultra 60.
> I used to startup the smbd and nmbd daemons from /etc/rc.local.
> Apparently, I need to move the startup to someplace else.  Being
> a Solaris novice, can someone please tell me what I need to do
> to startup the daemons?

Solaris uses a SysV init (as do some linux distros).  Look in  
"/etc/init.d/*".  All of the startup files for various services live  
there.  Create a file in that directory named something like  
"samba.server".  There are several other directories under /etc which  
control the services started or stopped at a given run level.  Look  
in /etc/rc[0123].d for some examples.  These scripts are links (hard  
or soft) to the scripts in "/etc/init.d".  Within the rc?.d  
directories, scripts starting with "S" start a service and those  
beginning in "K" stop a service.  The numbers create a sequence of  
initialization, so that you can rely on services started earlier in  
that run level.

Run level 3 is designated for multiuser operation with filesharing,  
so this is where I start samba.  Look in your source pacakage for  
"examples/svr4-startup/*".  This is a proper script written by Timo  
Knuutila for all systems using a SysV style init.

Good luck,

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