AutoCAD R14 and Eagle Point

Dan O'Connor dan at
Tue Aug 31 03:58:58 GMT 1999

We don't use Eagle Point, but we do have AutoCAD 14...

We were experiencing a significant slowdown opening drawings that had many

I cranked "log level" down to zero in the [global] section of smb.conf and
that helped a whole bunch! (I had log level=5 in response to some
suggestions on the list regarding a problem with FreeBSD.)

Check out what you have for "log level".


**  The thing I like most about Windows 98 is...
**  You can download FreeBSD with it!

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Date: Monday, August 30, 1999 8:30 PM
Subject: AutoCAD R14 and Eagle Point

>Samba List:
>Is anyone out there using AutoCAD R14 and Eagle Point?  One of my clients
>received the latest version of Eagle Point, and the time to load files has
>become horrible.  It has increased from 1 min to 15 min!
>All files are on the Linux server and the stations we did the initial tests
>with are PIII w/128MB RAM.  The AutoCAD file loads quick, but once the
>Eagle Point files begin to load you might as well find something else to
>The makers Eagle Point initially blamed our network and did not want to
>address the Linux server but are now with a test box they are currently
>configuring.  I have also run some other tests by loading the files from a
>Win98 "file server".  The speed decreased but it was still taking about 5
>min to load the necessary files.
>Are there any settings in Samba that I might be able to tweak?  We are
>currently using Red Hat 5.2 and Samba 2.0.4.
>Thanks for any suggestions.
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