Can't locate point and print (printer) driver files

Carey Sinclair carey.sinclair at
Tue Aug 31 03:49:43 GMT 1999

We have recently implemented printing via SAMBA for our site. In most
cases clients are able to double click on printers from a browse window
and have the driver files automatically install. However in alot of
other cases, the client computer 'decides' that it can't locate the
files. In these instances we are advising users to manually type in
\\SMBSERVER\PRINTER$\PRINTERNAME which works fine, except they have to
enter this path in for each file (or reselect it from the drop down

The same printer may install fine on our test machine(s), but others
PCs in the 'field' will sometimes exhibit the above behaviour. All our
client PCs are Windows 95. There does not seem to be any pattern
between 95SP1 or osr2.x.

Is anyone aware of any 'tricks' or remedies to this problem. At the
moment I am putting it down to the possibility that PCs which exhibit
this problem have been 'corrupted' in some way.

 Carey Sinclair
 IT Project Engineer
 Tait Electronics Ltd, Christchurch, New Zealand
 Email: carey.sinclair at     Ph: +64 3 3583399 Ext. 8145

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