some shares in browselist not showing up in spite of browseable = yes

Dan O'Connor dan at
Tue Aug 31 01:32:54 GMT 1999

Please go ahead and post the offending conf file...


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From: Michel <michel at>
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Date: Monday, August 30, 1999 4:31 PM
Subject: some shares in browselist not showing up in spite of browseable =

>In my smb.conf (or actually, in "committees.conf" included from smb.conf,
>a defined share does not show up in the browselist, nor any other
>share defined AFTER that particular one (either in that file or
>in smb.conf after the include statement).
>The shares are accessable though (when mapped to a drive letter or
>used as UNC). Ofcourse I tried to look for odd char's/misspelled statements
>at and around that share definition but cannot find any.
>Forcing the share to be browseable with "browseable = yes" does not
>make any difference.
>smbclient -L server   does show all defined shares.
>net view \\server   on a win9X box does not show all defined shares - only
>until the 90th share or so.
>Any ideas what I might look for that could cause this behaviour ?
>Surely there's no limit to the number of shares in a browselist (or at
>least not a silly limit of 90 =) ?)
>version used is 1.9.18-HEAD.
>(Not wanting to spam the list, I did not include the used conf file(s) yet
>in this message). I'd be happy to send it on request though.
>  Michel van der Laan - michel at

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