Jetdirect Configuration

Sanders, Peter Peter.Sanders at
Mon Aug 30 22:57:28 GMT 1999

>Date:   Sun, 29 Aug 1999 17:30:14 +0200
>From:   "Florian v. Behr" <fvbehr at>
>To:     samba at
>Subject: jetdirect printer configuration
>I am trying to set up a jetdirect plotter in our network (samba server
>running un suse linux 6.2).
>When I start printing from on of the windows boxes everything seems fine
>but the printing files only show up in the spooling directories on the
>samba server. The plotter (HP Designjet 650 C) never receives anything.
>Here are the relevant parts of my smb.conf and my printcap file:
>I also tried the printername (dj650) instead of the ip# but that did not
>help. I can ping the plotter with the ip # and the name.
>	printable =3D yes=09
>	path =3D /var/spool/dj650c
>	printer driver =3D HP Design Jet 650C (C2859A)
>	public =3D yes
>  	writeable =3D yes

Get rid of this.  I think Samba is failing to submit the transferred file
to the lpr system because of its presence.  "writable" is only for
disk shares.  The path should be something like /tmp since it is
Unix's lpd system which is using the spool directory, _not_ Samba.
Also make sure that the permissions on the spool directory allow the
creation of files by all.

>   	lpq command =3D /usr/bin/lpq -Pdj650
>	lprm command =3D /usr/bin/lprm -Pdj650 %j
>	print command =3D/usr/bin/lpr -Pdj650 -rs %s
>I dont have a clue why this does not work.
>Florian v. Behr

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