I can´t see shares........

Sergio Ujevic N. sujevic at mag.enap.cl
Mon Aug 30 15:47:18 GMT 1999

I have 4 SUN sparc stations on my local network and all work fine, I can
see the names in
my network Neighborhood and log on the share, but I have another sun sparc
station in 
other city, and of course other net, y configured the remote announce and
now i can see
the name of the remote machine in my win 95 Neighborhood, but when i double
click on
the name to see the shares win 95 pop ups the message
"I can´t access "sunstg2", I can´t find the equipment o the share name, pse
review the name and try again"
(Sorry The local message is in spanish, I´m tried to translate).

Have anybody what´s my problem ???
I´m not sure is on the samba server or on the win 95 pc.



                  ENAP Magallanes
         e-mail: sujevic at mag.enap.cl
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        P.O.Box 247, Punta Arenas, Chile

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