some shares in browselist not showing up in spite of browseable = yes

Michel michel at
Mon Aug 30 15:38:17 GMT 1999


In my smb.conf (or actually, in "committees.conf" included from smb.conf,
a defined share does not show up in the browselist, nor any other
share defined AFTER that particular one (either in that file or 
in smb.conf after the include statement).

The shares are accessable though (when mapped to a drive letter or
used as UNC). Ofcourse I tried to look for odd char's/misspelled statements
at and around that share definition but cannot find any.

Forcing the share to be browseable with "browseable = yes" does not
make any difference.
smbclient -L server   does show all defined shares.
net view \\server   on a win9X box does not show all defined shares - only up 
until the 90th share or so.

Any ideas what I might look for that could cause this behaviour ?
Surely there's no limit to the number of shares in a browselist (or at
least not a silly limit of 90 =) ?)
version used is 1.9.18-HEAD.

(Not wanting to spam the list, I did not include the used conf file(s) yet
in this message). I'd be happy to send it on request though.


  Michel van der Laan	-	michel at

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