severs don 't show in Network Neighbourhood

Buero Mayer, Teja Grothues 052169972-0002 at
Thu Aug 26 08:30:49 GMT 1999

Hi all,

we are running 2 Novell PNW servers (1 printserver and 1 fileserver) and 6 Win 
3.11 Clients since about 4 years with very little problems. But now our 
production software cries for a 32bit OS. (Guess which one) 

I tried to setup up something similiar with WIN98 and Samba 2.0.3. It works! I 
can connect to my shares on both linux machines, ping them, print and copy 
files, do my admin job with SWAT...but: I can never see both Samba servers 
simultaniously in my Windows Neighbourhod. If I start only one (regardless 
which) it shows up after a while, but if I start the second one it works but the 
windows machine can 't see it. Where is that little switch, that i overlooked in 
many nights browsing through my books, man pages, FAQ and so on?

One more question: is this setup useful: to separate file services and 
print services or is there something harmful in that setup? I 'm only trying to 
do something useful with an old 486 machine :)

What switch??? Thank you

regards from Teja 

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