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Adam Getchell acgetchell at
Wed Aug 25 17:52:39 GMT 1999

It's quite possible.

If you have an NT Server around, you can make a Network Installation Startup
disk using Network Client Administrator. NCA allows you to pick the protocol
(although it's hard to tell this as the scroll bars are very small). You can
comment out the lines in autoexec.bat that start the installation.

There's also a way of making a network bootable system disk by adding the
<NICdriver>.dos file and an ethernet "shim" file along with proper
protocol.ini and system.ini files. I use this for Ghosting ... details are in
that product for TCP/IP Multicasting. If you want the directions for it I'd be
happy to include them.


On Wed, 25 Aug 1999, Paul Lacatus wrote:
> I need to use a samba server (linux redhat 6.0 ) from a diskless dos
> machine ( has a floppy drive for booting) . So i need a very little
> tcp-ip stack for dos and a client for a NT server on dos so that they
> will be small enough to be on a 1.44 system floppy.
>     Is that possible ?
>     Paul
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