Apologies for the Dupe post

Jon Earle jearle at hubcc.ca
Wed Aug 25 04:31:22 GMT 1999

It seems that two copies of my note were posted to the list - my apologies 
for the mistake.

It seems I must also apologize for a second dumb thing.  My post was based 
on a report I received, and was slightly in error.  Please ignore the 
message entitled 'Samba / NT / Win98 and Browsing'.  This should teach me 
to jump the gun.

The problem is in fact, already well know it seems - the familiar 'Network 
is busy' error.  The NT box can see the SCO servers just fine, but Win9x 
clients receive the error.  The client is running the precompiled samba 
2.0.3 on SCO 5.  I noticed (from the archives) that this may be related to 
naming issues, I thought everything was fine (it's a fairly vanilla 
share-level security config), but will check that point at the first 

My thanks for your patience.

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