Vulnerabilities needed in Windows NT!

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Tue Aug 24 22:22:02 GMT 1999

your assistance is needed to crash Windows NT.

i have now been working for internet security systems for a year.  part of
my job is to produce a confidential report to microsoft of any
vulnerabilities found in Windows NT.

once a fix is available then microsoft releases a report.  or if too much
time goes by for a serious problem (e.g six months and it's an anonymous
denial of service attack) then at the risk of alienating microsoft (but
not microsoft's customers), ISS releases a report.  the person that finds
the problem (originator) is credited at the end of these reports.

if anyone finds that Windows NT crashes whilst using samba (smbd, nmbd,
rpcclient, rpctorture, smbtorture) then please either provide a report to
myself (lkcl at or contact secure at directly (but also
please let me know as well, e.g by cc on the message!)

this message is also intended to encourage people to _actively_ find ways
to crash Windows NT... AND TO BE RESPONSIBLE ABOUT IT (by sticking to the
confidential reporting rules, above).

if you need to know what kind of things to put in a report, please do not
hesistate to ask.

best regards,

luke (samba team)

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