Jet Direct Printers and Plotters

cbrink cbrink at
Mon Aug 23 21:28:25 GMT 1999

> As I recall, our HP jetdirect printer (LaserJet 4si, I think)
> is just used
> by the UNIX machines as a remote print queue. Set up a
> printcap entry for
> a remote print spool just like you would if you were printing
> to a print
> server running lpd, but the rm= line should be the
> jetdirect's address.
> Windows needs a special jetdirect driver to access it.

Windows only requires a special driver to print to the JD directly. This is
not the greatest since then the JD handle contention (and a JD is not very
good at that) instead on the unix print spooler. Samba will show the JD as a
printer share if it is set up, then you should print through the printer
share. If it is done this way then you only need the print driver and no
special HP JD driver.

> As a
> result, most
> of our UNIX machines print straight to the printer (I probably should
> change that) while all the NT machines print through the server.
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