network printing improvement

Carsten Schoening cschoening at
Mon Aug 23 12:29:40 GMT 1999

Hi together,
I would like to improve my fresh samba 2.0.5a based printing system and
therefore like to discuss these issues:

1. As I understand the samba printing philosophy, there are two spool
files for each print job on the linux box, one samba spool and one spool
for the linux printer, right? Is ist a good idea to save one spool and
to use only the linux spool? How could I do this? With symbolic links?
I have defined a LaserJet with a JetDirect Cared as a network printer in
my /etc/printcap with a spool file in var/spool/lpd/laserjet and an
entry "path = /tmp" in the [printers] section of smb.conf.

2. Sometimes print jobs get "lost" for several reasons (printer off, ,
job cancelled by user, misconfiguration...). In these cases the print
job files remain in the samba spool directory (in my configuration:
/tmp) and I have to delete them by myself. Is there a possibility to
avoid this?

3. I´m looking for an easy to use administration tool for managing the
samba print jobs. My users are mot very familiar with using the linux
command line with lpr, lpc and lpq. Is there a more "integrated" tool? I
know tools for KDE but because our linux box works as a server there is
no GUI environment.


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