Password Problems

Galen Goodreau galen at
Sun Aug 22 19:36:05 GMT 1999

I have RedHat 5.2 installed and am trying to use Samba to let my Windows 98
machine access the Linux box. The Windows machine has the Linux box listed
under the network neighborhood, but I can't login to the Linux machine. I
have been trying to login as root. But everytimg windows says the password
is invalid. The password is correct.

This is what I get: invalid password and when trying to login from dos
command I

The password is invalid  for \\FRED\ROOT
then it gives me a password prompt, and when I type in the password it says:

Error 86:The specified netowrk password is not correct. Try the correct

I have already added the lines to the smb.conf file to allow for encrypted
passwords, but that didn't change a thing.

Has anyone had this problem before? Any and all help would be greatly
appreciated!! Thank you.


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