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John Fleming johnf at
Thu Aug 19 19:11:17 GMT 1999

To SAMBA experts:

We have set up SAMBA version 2.0.0 on a Sun server running Solaris 2.5.1.
We are successfully sharing drives and printers.  However,  there is a
problem with connecting transparently to the SAMBA server when a person
longs onto his/her PC (WIN95 or NT) or tries to map a network drive.  The
user is prompted to enter their password again.   When using WinNT the
following error message is generated; " the password is invalid for drive
name" .  All passwords on the Sun server are the same as on the NT PDC.
After the user enters the password a second time all subsequent devices can
be mapped with out supplying the password.  How can one set up SAMBA or
WinNT and WIN95 so that when a user enters his/her id and password via the
Microsoft client it is then passed through to the SUN server via the client?

We would like to set up a batch file that maps drives via the net use
command.  It seems that the password must be passed in order for the batch
file to run successfully.  Any help in resolving this matter is greatly


John Fleming
401 East State Street
Trenton, NJ 08625

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