file copy and access problem

Kirk Reiser kirk at
Wed Aug 18 18:13:09 GMT 1999

Hello Everyone:  I have set samba up on a linux box attached to a LAN
with win9x machines attached to it.  The machines can see the shared
directories and private directories with no problem.  The problem
shows up when a person wishes to copy a number of files over to the
publicly available directory.  If one or two files is copied at a time
it takes quite a while to complete the process.  If they are copying a
lot of files, a few will get copied and then  an error will show up
stating that the netlogin server cannot be found.

If a file does get copied over, accessing that file in a word
processor or other program is very difficult and can have very long
delays in the files access.  I have level2 oplocking turned on and
I've read through the speed.txt file but I am quite baffled by why it
isn't working correctly.  Oh yeah, deleting files doesn't work well
either.  I must have something set big time wrong but it appears all
correct.  Testparm doesn't seem to have any problems with the
settings.  If I test things with smbclient on the server machine
everything seems to work fine.


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