Cross-Router Browsing of Win95/98 Networks

Bruce Sackett bruce at
Tue Aug 17 15:51:08 GMT 1999

I am working with someone that has 3 locations in the state in three
different cities, connected by routers, with the main office using a Linux
server with a WanPipe board replacing the router.

It looks a bit like this:

Internal IP: 192.168.7.???
Linux (Internal):
Linux (To OFFICE #2):
Linux (To OFFICE #3):

Internal IP: 192.168.10.???
Router (Internal):
Router (To OFFICE #1):
Router (To OFFICE #3):

Internal IP: 192.168.11.???
Router (Internal):
Router (To Office #1):
Router (To Office #2):

Seems like a lot.  Anyway, I would like to set up network browsing using the
Samba on the Linux server as a Domain Master.  All of the PC's in OFFICE #2
& OFFICE #3 are Win95/98.  I have tried using WINS, LMHOSTS, everything, and
am at a total loss.


bruce at

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