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chris burgess chris at
Tue Aug 17 00:32:10 GMT 1999


Recently I got came up against a difficult problem with a stock Debian
hamm install (kernel 2.0.34) and Samba 2.0.x (from Debian
slink). Despite my best efforts, smbd refused to authenticate any
valid user or allow guest login. (For guest, it suggested that my OS
couldn't cope with UID's >65534 and for regular users it said it was
unable to become user.) I'd tested thoroughly with a Win98 client I
have to set up, and the Linux boxes via smbclient; neither was able to
connect via guest or registered user logins. The Win98 client simply
gave "Incorrect password - try again", while smbclient gave
badpassword messages. This was both with encrypted passwords via
smbpasswd, and with unencrypted.

Upgrading to Linux kernel 2.2.10 fixed this, as per an earlier post by
Inge-Haavard Hunstad at

Thanks to the Samba team! Hope this info helps someone else who faces the same beastie ;)


chris burgess

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