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Sorry I'm a little late with this info.

We use to Sun Sparc workstations with a dual-ported Sparc Storage Array 
linked between them. The software which controls who (in terms of system) 
has control of the disk groups is Veritas Volume Manager. High Availability 
is handled by RSF-1 ( which monitors 3 
independent heartbeats and will initiate failover when one system dies. It 
will run init.d / rc.d type scripts to start the services on the backup 
machine and so in theory anything which can be started in this way will be 
capable of being failed over to a backup system. A Linux version is 
available (free for non-commercial use).

Mike Robinson

>We're using Samba, and it's working very well, however I'm interested in
>finding out what approaches would work for having some sort of
>redundancies in place in case the main server crashes.  Is there anything
>in place for Samba in order to have some sort of backup in place in case
>the main server crashes.
>The reason is that the server is critical to the company's business, and
>the few outages we've had (due to reasons other than Samba) have shown us
>the need for some redundancy.
>If anyone has any information or any ideas on how to go about this, please

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