HP2500 Printer under SAMBA

Carey Sinclair carey.sinclair at tait.co.nz
Mon Aug 16 05:06:05 GMT 1999

Has anyone else managed to get the 'point and print' (automatic driver
installation - PRINTER$) system to work with the Hewlett Packard 2500
Colour inkjet. I have taken a look at the HP web site and it seems that
they have changed the format of the driver INF files (and hence does not
work with the make_printerdef utility).

I have almost managed to get it to work (by a little hacking). The files
copy across from the samba server to the Win95 client but when you
select Properties for the installed printer you get an illegal operation
in HPW6GUI.DLL. I can also get the same printer to install from a
NT machine successfully - the same files copy across as from the samba
server. Is it possible that there is some other mechanism that is being
invoked other than just the copying of files?

Any pointers would be appreciated.

 Carey Sinclair
 IT Project Engineer
 Tait Electronics Ltd, Christchurch, New Zealand
 Email: carey.sinclair at tait.co.nz

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