Samba 2.0.5a & Solaris 2.6 Assistance (PR#19370)

Bob Hoekstra Bob.Hoekstra at
Sat Aug 14 23:15:22 GMT 1999

True. Solaris is all 32-bit except for Solaris 7, and this is only
64-bit on UltraSPARC machines

John LeMay wrote:
> I thought that Solaris 2.6 was all 32-bit? The Sun folks I've talked
> with told me one of the biggest changes between 2.6 and Solaris 7 was
> that 7 has a 64-bit "mode" for use with the Ultra boxes.
> Andrew L Gibson wrote:
> >
> > Can anyone tell me how to compile samba (via gcc) in a solaris 2.6
> > environment on a 32bit box and force 32bit output. Still trying to
> > get my Samba going and I wanted to try something. Is there an
> > option or switch to set? I am assuming something like this is
> > possible to try if the problem is really a 64bit problem. If this
> > is not possible I would like to know that too. Thanks Andy
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