Samba High Availability

David Collier-Brown davecb at
Fri Aug 13 20:47:16 GMT 1999

Benjamin Suto wrote:
| We're using Samba, and it's working very well, however I'm
| in finding out what approaches would work for having some sort of
| redundancies in place in case the main server crashes.  Is there 
| anything in place for Samba in order to have some sort of backup in
| place in case the main server crashes.

	If you're doing a full-fledged "bring up new server with
	same ip address	and disks" kind of failover, samba
	will work automagically.

	At the opposite extreme, you can have a commented-out
	section in the smb.conf file that brings up a virtual 
	server for another department, and put it in place
	manually when the other department's server blows up.

	In between is in between (:-))

	If this is on a Sun, sen me mail and I'll ask a
	real clusters Guru...

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