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Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Wed Aug 11 13:21:23 GMT 1999

Kkinva68 at wrote:
> and Win98 Client machines...
> it asks for password, but password for what user?
> I don't get it... it doesn't ask for user

The password for the user that Win98 thinks you 
are logged in as.  

  * Make sure you have the Client for MS 
    Network installed.  
  * Delete all *.pwl files in \windows

> Anyway, i don't want my workgroup to be 
> called mygroup, but instead OLDBS

* Change the Win98 workgroup to OLDBS and 
 workgroup parameterr to OLDBS
* Reboot the Windows 98 clients.
* Stop Samba (see below)
* remove browse.dat (notmally in /usr/local/samba/var)
* Restart samba

> Also, how do you re-start samba without re-booting?  
> Just kill HUP inetd?

You should kill all smbd and nmbd processes.  
You might want to consider runnign smbd and nmbd 
as daemons rather than through inetd.  Easy to manage 
in my opinion.

Feel free to send me your smb.conf if you still 
have problems.

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