Server tools for Win9x to view file permissions

Paul Jansen jansenp at MERLIN.DEP.SA.GOV.AU
Wed Aug 11 08:52:00 GMT 1999

I have SAMBA 2.05a set up on a Solaris 2.5.1 box and have these settings in
the SMB.CONF file in the homes section:

   security mask                 = 0777
   force security mode           = 0
   directory security mask       = 0777
   force directory security mode = 0

This allows me (from an NT machine) to view and alter file permissions using
NT's file security dialog screen.

There is an update to Win9x called 'server tools'.  These basically give you
the Event viewer, Server Manager, and User Manager applications that are
part of NT.  It also gives you an extension to the 'explorer' file manager
style utility that lets you view security on NTFS volumes.  When mapping a
drive to a SAMBA resource and trying to query the security on a file or
directory I get a message saying:

'The remote procedure call failed'

Is there a known work-around that will allow me to view file/directory
permissions from a Win9x client with the 'server tools' installed?   If not
does anyone know if support for this is planned in a future SAMBA build?


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