Upcoming Presentation

Benjamin Suto ben at amvalue.com
Mon Aug 9 21:08:24 GMT 1999


I've posted on the list before with problems asking for help, but this
time, I was hoping some of you could send me some information about how
Samba has helped your organization.  Statistics, figures, performance
benchmarks, stories, links for information, etc., would be appreciated,
as I'm doing research to make a presentation about Linux and Samba and
would like to present it with as much factual information as possible.

The reason I ask is because I'm going to be a co-speaker at an Open
Source conference at the Washington Marriott, on November 1st.  The
conference is about "Integrating Linux into your Business Strategy".  My
agenda deals with integrating Linux and Samba in an NT network.  Parts
of the agenda include the cost of ownership issue, network performance,
reliability, and the ease of remote administration. We'll also be
talking about the success that we've had at Allied Tours with roaming
profiles and the PDC support.  

If anyone has the time, please send me whatever information you can. 
I've run across a lot of information, but case studies, real-world
situations, etc., would really help pack that extra punch in the

Thanks in advance,


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