Solaris 7 5/99 and samba-2.0.5a

David Collier-Brown davecb at
Mon Aug 9 11:50:01 GMT 1999

Todd Pfaff <pfaff at edge.cis.McMaster.CA> wrote:
> this samba was built on a solaris 2.5 system and was running fine on a
> solaris 7 3/99 system.  when i installed the solaris 7 5/99 
> maintenance update something broke.

	Erk!  That's not supposed to happen...
	I used to work on the Solaris ABI (Application
	Binary Interface stability) project, making
	sure that apps didn't break when we released
	updates.  Samba is one of the programs I 
	looked at, around 2.0.4 most recently.

	1) Will everyone working on this CC me, please?
	   I'd like to track this fairly closely...
	2) Tom, if I can help, call me at the number
	   below: I'm in Toronto.

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