ms-client for dos with workgroup add-on

Stefaan De Roeck stefaandr at
Sat Aug 7 11:16:55 GMT 1999


I use ms-client for dos on machines that aren't windows 95 capable.  I then 
install wg1049, Microsoft Workgroup Add-on for dos, as suggested in the 
pages, to let it share its own disks, which works great, as long as linux 
doesnt have to access those shares.  Win95 can.
This is the result of my tests with smbclient:  It's my impression that 
samba 1.9.18 can still ask the dos computer what shares it has, where samba 
2.0.3 can't even do that anymore.  Then I wanted to try something 
ridiculous, installed samba 1.9.0 and...  it worked as it should.
Is this a bug?  Is it a known bug?



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