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Stephen L Arnold sarnold at
Fri Aug 6 05:12:11 GMT 1999

On 6 Aug 99, at 5:23, Ken Gerdes <gerdes at> wrote:

> Everything is fine.  The workgroups are the same.  I don't
> understand the WINS server thing...can you explain what I need to
> do? 

You just say "WINS support = yes" in your smb.conf, and put the samba 
box IP address in the windoze network properties.  Then you don't 
need an lmhosts file anymore.   

> The biggest problem I have is that my server is on DHCP, which
> causes the IP address to change frequently, meaning I have to
> change my lmhosts file on every Windows machine.  Any way around
> this annoyance? 

(see below)
I'm not sure you can use WINS if your samba box is a DHCP client, 
without a pretty clever hack with shell scripts or something (unless 
you want to try and integrate samba with DHCP at the source level).  
The simplest thing would be to go get a static IP address (there are 
other static resources out there).  This is normally what you do with 
any kind of server, and I'd classify a linux/samba box as more of a 
legitimate server than windoze.  If they don't want to give you one, 
then go get a baseball (or cricket) bat and try knocking the windoze 
crud (and FUD) out of their head(s).  It works for me.  


PS. Of course, I'm kidding, but sometimes I'd like to...

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