Need diagnosis help

Mathew D. Watson matw at
Fri Aug 6 04:31:40 GMT 1999

I have a linux samba server and a Win 95 laptop that work well together.  I
just purchased a Win 98 computer that I can't get to 'logon' (or anything

I get the network login dialog, type in my user name and password like I do
when I login to Linux, and then an error dialog appears with the message
'The domain password is not correct, or access to your logon server has
been denied.'  The same user name an password work with the Win 95 machine,
so I know they are correct.

Following the directions in DIAGNOSIS.TXT, everything is fine until TEST 8
> net view \\eserv
I get an error message like 'you need to log in first.'

Eserv is the Linux samba server.

I've read books and (carefully) experimented with every panel I can find -
nothing seems to work.  However ... If I turn off 'Log on to Windows NT
domain' under the 'Client for Microsoft Networks' properties panel, then at
least the Network Neighborhood shows icons for the three machines on the
network. Running
> net view \\eserv
I get the error 'the specified network password is not correct'

I'm stuck. Hopefully someone can suggest a plan to get this working.



Mathew D. Watson
matw at

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