Linux, Nt, Smbmount, Dosemu, blocking, etc...

Miguel Heredia silicio18 at
Fri Aug 6 00:57:33 GMT 1999

Hi, Maybe this posting dont belongs to one or two or more of these lists, 
but Im desperate in getting some light (or whatever u may give please)

Im having a kinda complex problem so Ill try to do an overview first and Ill 
try to give details later.

1) One NT server
   Data and Indexes files (wich r locked by registry or file)
   Program file (Runcobol, using DPMI, can run under DOS)

2) Lots of win98 boxes
   All of them connect to a Network Drive in the Nt having the data, indexes 
and program files
   All of the running the same app sharing the data and blockin when 
transactions r made
   Ocasional problems (network hangs mostly) not so relevant
   All of them use the files as Read and R/W Modes (as seen in a event 
logger of NT)

And here comes linux...

3)  A new PII using Linux RedHat 6
    Dosemu 0.98
    Smbmount 2
    Smbmount does the conection to the network drive and dosemu run the 
Runcobol program

And then.........

Operating systems errors accessing to the file denied and "corrupt indexes" 
errors as well came to light if someone else is using the same files .. 
event logger reports that all files r being used in R/W modes (never used as 
Read mode) ...

It seems to be that samba or dosemu or both doesnt support together either 
file locking, registry locking or read modes.

Have seen the samba code and saw a #if 0 statement that look suspectful 
about opening files as read or r/w but if I change it for a #if 1 statement 
and recompile the module I cant ever enter to the files operation (i guess 
it cant open any file as R/W), AFAIK samba supports file lockings and 
registry locking.....

Samba workarounds : turn them on or turn them off... same result
Oplocks: turn them on or turn them off... same thing
Dosemu image: have tried win95, win98 and 6.22 ... even using 6.22 with 
share.exe /l:500 didnt worked

Sorry If this msg too long bothers someone, but I guess I have tried 
everything its at my hand...

Ps. should i try any other emulator ? i heard about a "boosh" emulator  over 

Ps. 2.: the goal of this is to acces via telnet to this puter from a foreign 
town using a 64k leased line

Thx in advance for any post, light, words, injurys, etc...

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