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Wed Aug 4 23:36:44 GMT 1999


On Thu, 5 Aug 1999 06:04:58 +1000, Ken Gerdes wrote:

>     Everything is fine.  The workgroups are the same.  I don't
>understand the WINS server thing...can you explain what I need to do?
>     The biggest problem I have is that my server is on DHCP, which
>causes the IP address to change frequently, meaning I have to change my
>lmhosts file on every Windows machine.  Any way around this annoyance?

Make sure yo do NOT have something like

	interfaces = XXX

in your smb.conf. When running DHCP let Samba make a guess what is the correct IP 
address to listen on. Run it with "debug level" high enough to see on which 
addresses it runs on and check whether these are correct.

Make Samba known at the next WINS server:

	netbios name = SAMBA_SERVER_NAME
	wins proxy = no
	wins support = no
	wins server = IP_address_of_your_WINS_server

This will forbid Samba to act as an WINS server. Instead, it will make itself 
known to the WINS server in your network (when running DHCP you will probably have 
one in the network) so the clients will have a way to resolve the NETBIOS name of 
your Samba server.


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