Problem on RH 5.2 LX164 Alpha

Jorge R. Csapo saodcsjo at
Thu Aug 5 16:57:08 GMT 1999


I have had samba (1.9.18p1) on RH 5.0 LX164 Alphas for over a year,
without a glitch. Recently I bought some new boxes which came with RH
5.2 pre-installed. I installed the same samba version, used the same
smb.conf and now I'm having some irritating problems: every few hours
all smbd's simply stop answering, although they keep lurking in the
background, and no new smbd gets started. All my 70 users get DOS error
messages at the same time, my phone starts ringing, I kill -15 all the
smbds, restart them and everyghint works fine till next time.

What's irritating is that this problems leaves no traces in either
Samba's or Linux's logs; during these events I can see nothing wrong
with the machine - there's plenty of memory, swap and resources.

Anyone have any ideas that might help me?


Jorge R. Csapo

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