Windows 98 and Linux

Morpheus morpheus at
Wed Aug 4 15:59:45 GMT 1999

Hi I currently have a tcp/ip network between some windows 98 machines and a
redhat 6.0 machine serving them using samba.  I'm on a 10Mbit network with
a hub.  Everything is set for half duplex.  Weird thing is if I am
transfering from the linux box to the Windows 98 machines through file
sharing or FTP I get 60-125Kbps.  If I am transfering from the Windows 98
machine to the Linux machine it goes at 600 Kbps.  I've performed a
thorough search of the samba mailing list archives and I see this
phenomenon reported frequently but no solution for it.  It has something to
do with the Microsoft TCP/IP stack in regards to sending ack commands over
and over agian and not syncing properly.  Can someone please help me fix
this problem and possibly explain to me why it is happening.  Thank you.

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